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Del Norte - simple, beautiful, evolving and majestic  


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January 13, 2020 12:25 am  

Del Norte is one of my favorite PluginGuru libraries.  The main centerpiece is the Access Virus Ti2 and the wonderful pads John produced and sampled.  They range from simple to evolving, beautiful and majestic.  The sounds will inspire you as they wrap you in emotion.  Synth versions of the pads provide a completely different take on the originals.  These aren't just the same pad with a quicker attack, but re-imagined with a new quality and timbre making them just as unique and emotional as their pad counterpart.

The Omnisphere multis use multiple samples making the pads/synths very usable across the entire keyboard range.  This library also shows the usefulness of even a single sample in the single patch browser.  Don't overlook these.  It's amazing the new quality a low or high sample can have when played in a different range on the keyboard.  I have marked many of these with high marks.  Don't forget to swap in a different sample yourself.  See how it sounds.  You may find it provides the exact warmth or brightness you were looking for.

In addition, John has provided some bonus extras.  To help give some added emphasis, there are a large number of attack patches/samples.  They really do give a special flavor to a sound's attack.  Maybe something woody or blippy.  Or perhaps a percussive slap.  It is a whole other part of the library you don't want to overlook.  The other extra is a set of 20 pulsing Envelope Presets to simulate side-chaining.

More recently I have been working on layers using the Del Norte pads with Kontakt pianos.  It is very enjoyable mixing up and finding good matches between the pianos and pads.

Del Norte has been an extremely important library in my setup.  I have been so pleased with Del Norte and use it quite often in my live setup.  I hope others have found the same enjoyment as I have.  Thank you John, and all of the sound designers, for creating this fantastic library.  It has brought so much inspiration to me, and I have been able to express that back to others when playing live.

NOTE:  This writeup is only regarding the Omnisphere version of the library.

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January 27, 2020 8:23 am  

Appreciate the in-depth review - thank you.

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