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Stochas. GOOD step sequencer. FREE.

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From Surge team. Very nice VST with recording and stochastic sequencing

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I installed Stochas as a VST3, and it shows up as an instrument in Unify. Shouldn’t it be a MIDI effect? It works as a MIDI effect in Logic. How do I use it as a sequencer in Unify? I don't see anything in the Unify manual that explains this. Thank you.

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The VST/VST3 standard doesn't really recognize MIDI-effects as a category, so most companies have them represent as "instruments". To use such a plug-in in a MIDI-effect slot, you need to add it to a subset file in the MIDI-effects category. See

The four basic steps are listed at the bottom of this section: I also wrote about this here:

Here's a screenshot of Unify on my PC, showing how I have added the Stochas VST3 to a subset called "My MIDI Effects" on the Favorite Plug-In Subsets view. I selected the "MIDI Effects" category from the menu at top-left, then clicked once on "My MIDI Effects.xml" below to select that subset file and list its contents on the right, then selected Stochas from the list in the center and clicked "Add Selected" below, and finally (VERY important) clicked "Save" at top-right to update the subset file.

Once the plug-in has been added to the list, I can add it to any MIDI-effect slot, as shown in this second screenshot:

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Thank you, Shane! I read the entire Unify manual last year, but my aged brain doesn’t hold on to technical things these days. I should have known the answer was in your excellent documentation. The steps were easy follow, and now Stochas can be selected as a MIDI-effect and seems to work in Unify as expected. Making my own subsets, which I remember seeing in Unify videos, looks to be a highly useful feature. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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