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[Sticky] What was your personal FAVORITE PLUG-INS (Free or Purchased) from 2022?

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Question for GuruNation™:

There were some really amazing plug-ins that have been released in 2022 - what were your personal favorites? Either Paid or Free?

And no, Unify doesn't count since it was released in 2020, but thank you to anybody that added Unify this year to their toolbox!

Bonus Question: What were some of your Favorite Patch or Sample libraries you purchased that came out in 2022?

Which libraries are you using ALL THE TIME - these can be our libraries or anybodies libraries for any plug-in - we're a Unified company that loves all plug-in and patch makers!


A few of my favorites were:


Novum from Dawesome

Borsta by Klevgrand

audio effects:  

Fragments granular processor by Arturia

Infiltrator 2 by Devious Machines.


Thank you to your thoughts and opinions on this topic!

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8dio voice "Roula"


Bonus Question Answer: Toxic Zebra

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My favorite 2022 VST I picked up is Heavyocity's recent Avant Modern Keys.  Take a Rhodes Mark II and add sound design to it.  Beautiful.  Cinematic.

Bonus question: Howard Smith's "Solus" library for Spire.  I just picked up Diva Station tonight from PlugInGuru and I likely discovered some sounds I'll be using for an upcoming Christmas performance.

I wasn't sure if there was a third question regarding libraries we use all the time, not necessarily from 2022.  I can delete if I misunderstood.

I have been using PlugInGuru's Del Norte for Omnisphere for years and now I have the Unify version.  I also use Spire libraries all the time from Howard Smith and Bellatrix Audio.  If you like pads, ambient, ethereal, atmospheric sounds, these two produce must have libraries for Spire VST.

I'll even go one step further with a favorite sound.  One pad sound I use all the time is based on a patch from either PlugInGuru's MM Cello or maybe MM Viola mixed with an Omnisphere factory pad "Wide Notched Prophet".  I have macro controls setup for real-time changes.  I love this sound and has been part of my setup for several years.  I just got a complement on it a week ago, so it's still going strong.

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