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I am going to put BONUS patches that I create into this forum TOPIC that you are free to download and install into your copy of Chill GTR Phrases/Patches folder. These are unprotected .unify patches so the final version in the October 1st release will be a .upf. Unify sees them the same way, it's just that you CAN edit and resave over a .unify file and you can't over a .upf.

BONUS PATCH #1: PHR - 1 Phrase (Knob 8 to Change)

(Click the Text to download the file.)

NOTE: This patch is saved accessing the 085BPM Map of phrases. To use at a different tempo, open GuruSampler and change the sample map to one of the 7 different tempos.  Don't forget to change the tempo in Unify or your DAW if you do this.

This First Patch is one for people asking for a JUST GUITAR PHRASES Patch that ALSO shows the chord progression Variation text file. NOTE: This patch can NOT show all 61 samples across the keyboard. Instead it plays the same sample no matter what note you play - open up the Unify Macro Knobs page and knob #8 Gtr Phrase will spin thru the different samples and display the chord progression as well. You can SAVE this patch, with edits, adding of your favorite audio effects anywhere you like - HOWEVER, be aware that text file used to display the chords in Unify's interface MUST exist in the Library you save the edit to this patch into. Here are details instructions on how to do that - these same instructions are also in the patch comments for this patch:

NOTE: If you wish to copy this to a different library, you MUST have a "Media" folder in that other libraries main folder which contains the .txt file the Patch has to look at to show the name of the current phrase. TO make this work:

1) Save this Patch to the Library you wish it to live in with the edits etc.
2) In your computer finder, copy the "Media" folder from the "PlugInGuru Chill GTR Phrases V1) folder INTO the library folder where the new patch you made is located (NOT in the Patches folder but alongisde the Patches folder)
3) In Unify, now you can click on the above Save page "Variations.... etc" or it might say "Click to choose variations text file...." - simply navigate over to the Media folder in the new library folder and choose the text file from the Media folder.
4) Resave the patch.

If you have requests for other types of BONUS patches, ask in this topic and I'll monitor and reply. As I add additional Bonus Patches as a separate message, I will also post a link in this message to download each of the bonus patches. So you don't have to scroll thru the messages to download the files but if you do, there will probably be more detailed information with each BONUS PATCH I submit.

I love having my own little company so I can do fun things like this with the libraries we produce.

I hope you enjoy!!

- John Lehmkuhl

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Is there any way we can edit or save PHR patches so that we can add chord progression info at the top of the screen?

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Posted by: @holmwoody

Is there any way we can edit or save PHR patches so that we can add chord progression info at the top of the screen?

Yes, but it's not easy. See Unify manual: