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[Sticky] Dreamstate Duplicate Patch Error

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I posted an updated version of the Dreamstate library and added 10 new patches but and did not remove the .unify files from the Patches folder. I'm very sorry for this error on my part! If your directory shows 140 patches and there are duplicates but only 1 of the files will load, here is how to fix this:

To Fix: Control/Right + Click on any patch in the Dreamstate library and choose "Reveal in Finder" and delete the .unify versions. OR go up 1 level and delete the "Patches" folder and re-install either the Patches only or full library .guru file.

Both files can be found after logging into your pluginguru account. Or you can download the Patches only .guru file here:


Sorry for this oversight error!

- John Lehmkuhl


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Important: If you delete the .unify files (or any files) manually, you must click the "lightning bolt" icon at the top-right in Unify, to rebuild the patch database and actually remove the duplicate patches from the list.

If you choose instead to delete the entire Patches folder for the Dreamstate library, and then re-install using the updated .guru file, this will trigger Unify to perform a more optimized database rebuild automatically.

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I'm having a seniors moment with this Dreamstate Duplicate fix: I tried to do the deletion in the app but it did not seem to work: I assumed I might have to do this in the Macbook FINDER?  BTW Thanks for the rebuild TIP, Shane!  Now, for some Hunt and Seek and I shall try this from the MBP finder! 

I am reminded by trial and error that the GEAR icon at the bottom of the APP screen has a handy shortcut to the Plugins DATABASE.

So...Delete .unify versions and reinstall and rebuild

Thanks for being on top of this fix!


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