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Five Unified Libraries - As shown on the livestream

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These libraries are available at the main website.  The Unify Guru file will be included in the zip file you get with purchasing the libraries.

I've attached a screenshot of what the Unify Folder looks like inside.  Anyone who has purchased the Omnisphere version of these libraries can login to their PluginGuru account and download the zip file for the library.  The update is included inside, as seen by the screenshot I have attached.

At the bottom of this post you can see the info from "Skippy" about how these work.

Here are the direct links to the libraries for purchase:

Mega Magic Pads

Omniverse I

Omniverse II

Omniverse III



UPDATE July 2020 Unify is now included with these libraries. Add all Patches to Unify for a unified browsing experience with other Unify libraries. Quickly build layered patches with other patch libraries in Unify format! OmniVerse V. 1, OmniVerse V. II, OmniVerse V. III, OmniChill and MegaMagic Pads all include a Unify version of their respective libraries. If you already own a license for these libraries, simply log into your account and re-download these libraries. A “PlugInGuru Unify” folder is included that has a .guru file and a .pdf instruction file!

NOTE: The Unify version of this library will work without the library even being installed in Omnisphere because there are no samples in this Omnisphere library. However, you MUST OWN OMNISPHERE 2 for this bonus library to work. Omnisphere 2 is not free. More Information on Omnisphere 2 by Spectrasonics. This applies to OmniVerse V. 1, OmniVerse V. II, OmniVerse V. III, OmniChill.

Mega Magic PADS must be installed as it has new samples.

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Thanks for Unifying these (everyone involved)! Especially splitting out the multis. I'm far more likely to use my Omnisphere patches now (and actually get more libraries) when they're Unified.