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MeggaMagic Guitars patches with "round robin"

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Maybe I am expecting something different than how the patches with "round robin" work.  I am watching the 22 minute video "MegaMagic Guitars for Unify!" on YouTube.  At 7:21, patch GTR - RR 2xNylon Only DRY is being played.  Looking at the MIDI keyboard it appears a chord is being held and the sound varies like playing a MIDI file.  When I am on the same patch and hold a chord, the notes do not vary like the pattern on the video.  Is something wrong?  

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John is playing arpeggiated chords on the keyboard at that point in the video. The on-screen keyboard display doesn't show that clearly, because it looks like John is also holding down the MIDI sustain pedal while doing so, so the keys don't flash on and off.