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Libraries for free VST Players

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Hi, which of the libraries can I use with a free VST Player? 
I bought Unify and want to buy a VST libary pluginguru product. 
As far as I see the products are made for VST Hosts which  I have purchase extra.
I have installed the free KONTAKT 6 Player, where I own a Piano VST.
I checked the products for it and found that most of them require the "full version" of Kontakt.
But what about

Can I use this product with the free Kontakt player in unify?

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Hi there - the libraries I make for Kontakt require the full version of Kontakt and don't work with the free player version. It is too expensive to make the libraries work for the Kontakt Player which would make the libraries I make more expensive.


I will have all the Kontakt libraries converted to Unify format over time so just be a little patient. Thank you.

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Can I ask John, what is the consensus opinion on why Native Instruments makes it so expensive to make libraries for the Free Kontakt Player?


I can only see one reason  … the Free Kontakt Player is being given away, but NI wants to limit the ability of users to get much out of the Player. This in a sense to get the user to buy the full version of Kontakt. I think if they had been more reasonable on the license to create for Player versions, they would have made more money in the long run just by sheer volume since so many programmers have avoided developing for the Player.