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Tempo sync and sample start issues (big bad beats)

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Hi, I somehow cannot post in "questions about Unify" so i'll explain my problem here.

Every time i start a sequence in Unify (BPM track) the start of the loop is slightly off compared to the tempo of Nuendo.

This becomes very clear in Big Bad Beats where the kick transients never precisely match with my audio loops. and the timing is random, sometimes too early and sometimes too late. not much, a few milliseconds, but clearly audible. 

Also, there are small swings in tempo during the playing, I first thought it was deliberately but swing was off.

I tried it with an empty arrangement, but same results.  When i for instance load omnisphere without Unify, the problems are gone.




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Make sure Unify's Transport is set to "follow host"; see

Many of the Big Bad Beats patches use the built-in JitterBox effect to vary the timing deliberately. If you see instances of JitterBox, try bypassing them.