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I couldn't have come up with this without Unify...

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This musical idea I was able to put together by using Unify. Yes, I know I could probably do something close to this in a DAW, but the great thing about Unify is that you can jam out an idea, be inspired and perfect the idea in a fun and musical way much easier than in a DAW.

Here's the result of my speculation about how a composer might have written a romantic song during a pandemic:

I created a midi-file for the well-known classical theme and used split keyboard so I was able to play together with midibox.

I used Stage-73 as the piano for the midi-file, the other instruments I use are Pigments, Iris 2 and the choir from The Orchestra Complete (where I used the engine in that library to create movement).

I hope you like the tune!


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This was a fun piece to listen to.  I like the contrast of the dissonance from the synthesizer against the piano.

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Can you be more precise special how you did make it? Instruction video or written description?

Special than the midi files for a Downoad. I have all the plugins like Iris 2 or pigments. I got them because of black frydays offers but did not dig in. I think additional plasmodium  integration can make it nice. Similar files for midi you get in masses at the real starting point for newcomers is the trick.

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