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Wave sequencing fun  

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After watching John's wave sequencing video, I decided to experiment with it myself. After a couple of false starts, and reviewing his video, I got the sequence down and it turns out to be pretty easy and straightforward.

This has 3 Unify wave sequence tracks.

The first wave sequence I made myself with a kick from Big Bad Beats, and 7 LABS patches of string harmonics and other sounds
The second is BPM SYNTH - Sequence Silk (WS) from the standard library
Third is one I made with bell chimes in Kontakt from Sonixinema Bell Chimes

I also used a unify track with BPM PAD - ST Double CasioVox Get Down from Big Bad Beats vocoder
and another with BPM BASS - Tropico Bassline from  Cloud City

It was great fun.

It's called Waves.

J Hall
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@mschiff Very enjoyable listen. I must have a go at making some myself. I'm surprised you didn't use any Waves plugins (I'll get my coat). 🤐  


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