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The availability of Bjorn Bojahr's excellent Bjoern's Sample Mapper and related FREE tools has begun to open up the possibility of getting your own samples into Guru Sampler. The process is still not "simple", but several adventurous Unify users are beginning to have success, and have begun to share their experience here in the Forums. Therefore I have set up this new forum, specifically for these discussions.

A few notes of context:

  1. The process is still NOT simple. It requires considerable time, skill, and patience.
  2. The main technical reference is this manual page.
  3. Unify user @nico has provided a very good summary of why this is a very complex and demanding issue.


If possible, please don't simply post comments below in this topic, but start a new topic in this section of the forum. How to do this:

    1. Scroll to the top of the page. Right under the menu strip where "Forums" is highlighted in blue, you'll see a house icon, "PlugInGuru Official...", "Getting your own...", and the name of the current topic.
    1. Click on "Getting your own..." to go to the main page for this forum.
    2. Look at the top-right, for a blue button labeled "Add topic"; click on that to begin adding your new topic.

Also, if you want to attach files to your post, please use a service like Dropbox if you possibly can.

  • You can attach simple files like images/screenshots, but anything else must be zipped first.
  • The forum software simply discards zip files larger than a certain size, so for anything containing e.g. actual samples, it's better to put them onto a file-hosting service such as Dropbox, and put a download link in your post.
  • Remember that sound samples may be subject to copyright, and if you attach them directly to your posts, we could be held liable for any copyright violation.

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