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Accessibility for Visually Impaired Screen Reader Users

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I'm new to Unify--just yesterday I downloaded the demo of 1.10.1. I am also visually imjpaired--totally blind to be totally clear--and use text-to-speech technology to render computer screens in real time. Unify has a lot of good access via a screen reader already present, but if Version 2 is being planned, I'd be very interested and committed to doing what I can to help raise that level of access by screenreader users. You're already building the product with JUCE, but to get more bang for that buck will require some changes, some small, some maybe not so. I and others are very interested in having this move forward because it will give visually impaired content creators another major tool to use in their efforts.


Now I'm off to purchase the full version of Unify and figure out just what I can do with it as it currently stands.


Thanks for considering the above.


Steve M

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@number6 Hi Steve, thanks for getting in touch. I'll try to contact you directly to discuss further.

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Good to see your post here Steve,


I am also a blind user, I have been a long time Plugin Guru customer, but have kind of gotten left behind since Unify originally came out, as my previous sound sets have been via Komplete Kontrol NKS conversions which made Omnisphere accessible.


I am pleased that Unify is built on JUCE, but agree some work needs to be done in order to enhance the workflow, for an excellent example of JUCE accessibility implementation then Surge XT is the definitive example.


I have spoken to Skippy previously about the topic, but can only apologise for not having time to follow up on my initial enquiries here, so just wanted to add a second voice to the wishes of a potentially good number of blind users who are certainly interested in Unify as a product.