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adding 'life' to a classical piano piece

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i have two classical piano pieces in midi form.  as is, they sound very robotic.

i'd appreciate any tips on breathing life into them using unify's midi effects.



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MIDI files can often sound "robotic" if they are too strongly quantized. If you're using an instance of MIDIBox to play back the MIDI file, put an instance of JitterBox after it, and set its Time Jitter control to something like 0-20 milliseconds. This will cause all notes to lag behind the beat somewhat. Then push the Lead/Lag slider in MIDIBox to the left, so the playback leads the beat by about 10 milliseconds (readout will indicate a negative number e.g. -10 ms). The result will be that some notes (about half) lead the beat, while the rest lag behind it, i.e., the timing jitter will be centered around the beat. Experiment with the two slider values to find the most pleasing combination.

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