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Audio Sync Issues With LOGIC PRO X Daw & Unify 1.8

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Am wondering who might be able to help me figure out what is causing random audio sync errors with one instance of Unify 1.8.0 on an instrument track and with one track of Audio.  This seems to be happening with or in conjunction with errors relating to instances of the Kontact Plugin in Unify.  I was using Unify 1.8.0  with logic Pro X 10.6.2 and was getting error messages from Logic saying it was having trouble syncing midi and Audio to external devices (What external devices? )and reporting random Audio Sync rates.

I should add that there were no external devices attached to the computer and all other software audio devices on the MBP were set to 44.1 kHz. I was using the MUSICAL TYPING keyboard when this happens.  It does not seem to be happening in the Logic Session before Unify is loaded in.

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"External devices" in this case probably means your audio interface. I confess I have never understood exactly what that Logic error message actually means.

What plug-ins were running in the "once instance of Unify 1.8.0" in this case? Only Kontakt? Which version of Kontakt are you using, and which format (VST, VST3, AU)?