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Batch processing for patch files (Unify 1.3.2 and later)

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I'm new to Unify and started with Unify 1.8 in mid-2022. My current version is: Unify 1.9.1, Kontakt 6.7.1.

I use some libraries made by Stefano Maccarelli (e.g. ZERO-G Elements Time Menu (686 patches), Ethera Gold (946 patches) ZERO-G Ethera Gold Atlantis, ...) and I used the GURU files created by Stefano to import the libraries into Unify. But when clicking on a patch the Kontakt “Content Missing” dialog appears. 

The Unify Manual 1.3.2 describes the batch process for patch files.
The settings for contact work as described in the manual. But I can only save one patch at a time.

In Unify 1.9.1 the "ops button" next to the "lightning bolt" is not there. It is therefore not possible to start the "Update Multiple Patches" batch process as described.

Do I have to turn on the "ops button" somewhere in the settings (didn't find a suitable setting).

Please help, manually saving 1800 patches is a nightmare.

Many Thanks

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We removed the batch-processing features in Unify, because changes to Kontakt 6.5.x made them no longer work. At my request, NI added a new "Non-Player content base path" item to Kontakt's Settings dialog (on the "Loading") tab. Here you can specify where you keep your third-party Kontakt libraries.

You should contact Stefano directly for instructions about where to put his library folder(s) within your "non-Player content" folder.

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Many thanks for the quick response. Problems SOLVED!

For ZERO-G Elements and Ethera Gold 2.5 (the two biggest ones) I found a quick solution. When Kontakt displays the content-missing dialog, it indicates where Kontakt expects the samples to appear. 

Ethera Gold: my folder name was Zero-G Ethera Gold. But Kontakt expected the samples in Zero-G Ethera Gold 2.5.
Solution: I renamed the folder to Zero-G Ethera Gold 2.5 and performed a batch resave on the libryary. Working!

ZERO-G Elements: The expected folder name was Zero-G-Elements-V101(?).
Solution: I created a symlink folder Zero-G-Elements-V101 which pointed to the Zero-G Elements folder. Working, but the loading time is higher than for other Unify librarys. 

Zero-G Ethera Gold Atlantis 2: I upgraded from Ethera Gold Atlantis to Zero-G Ethera Gold Atlantis 2, but I only have the guru file of Ethera Gold Atlantis. Same procedure as for ZERO-G Elements (symlink). I added the additional content of Zero-G Ethera Gold Atlantis 2 manually.

Is the Plugin Guru Link App somewhere available on your website (mentioned in John's video "How To: Get Kontakt 6 Unified Libraries to Load")?