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Browsing patches - how do you close them?

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Sorry, sounds stupid, but I have had issues with the GUI for years. I'm still trying from time to time but some basic functions seem to be elusively hidden. 


So I'm browsing patches to try and find one. But when it opens, how do I shut it down to go to the next? 

Here (see attachment image) I selected one, tried it, but when trying to move to another (searching for Cinematic), the search doesn't show results. Even changing categories, nothing changes on the screen.

So - where is the secret "close this patch" button? What should I look for? 




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There is no "close patch" button. Simply click on a patch to load it (replacing whatever was there before).

The reason you're seeing no change in the patch list when you enter something like "cinematic" in the search box is that by default, Unify matches your search text against several attributes of the patch: Name, Category, Tags, Author, and Comment. Click the "..." button to the right of the search box to change this, e.g. to just "Name", and you'll get the behavior you probably want.