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Bug - when having filtered items and I switch from 1 Library to the next

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Unify seems to use the pointer - aka index number to select Categories like "Bass" ..

So when for selected library a) I have ARP, BASS, CHORDS, LEAD, SYNTH ... as categories

and for another library b) I have BASS, LEAD, SYNTH, STRINGS ... as categories


when I selected Library a) and BASS 

and go to Library b) -> LEAD is selected, where I espected it to stay at BASS (IF Bass is available) 

Why is this a usecase?

For instance..
a) is a Minimoog VST

b) is a Korg MS 20

I want to find a nice BASS and want to go through the basses of these 2 Libraries (not all others),
then I want my filters to stay in place ESP NOT change from BASS to LEAD -> which is really unusable.
Just saw it fully resets the filter if the array is empty .. aka if no categories for a certain library do exist

In understand the problem of different arrays - but if they match (please also ignore correct upper and lower chars) 

I guess it needs a simple Matcher and this works .. 

Greets, Steffen

BTW: Is this the correct place to add bugs ? I did not find a dedicated forum here

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Posted by: @uisbf

I want to find a nice BASS and want to go through the basses of ... 2 Libraries (not all others)

The recommended way to do this would be to make a library subset with just the libraries you want to examine, then select whatever you wish from the category list (which will contain exactly those categories which are available in that particular subset).

I appreciate that Unify's behavior seems counter-intuitive when you try to do it as you are, and while it might be nice if the category selections were somehow mapped from the list of choices for library A onto the list for library B, consider this case: You are looking at libraries A, B, and C. You select library A, and highlight "Bass" in its category list, then switch to library B. Library B has no Bass category at all, so now no category is selected, and the information you wanted to preserve (the specific selection category=Bass) has been lost; it doesn't come back when you switch to library C. I submit that this is no real improvement over the present behavior.

This isn't really a bug. The issue is that the "correct" behavior for this situation is not defined, and all possible choices have flaws.

Unify's patch database is a SQLite3 file called Presets.db, which lives in the Libraries folder. If you're interested, there are SQLite3 bindings for most programming languages, so you can create your own browser to experiment with behaviors, and send OSC messages to Unify to tell it to load individual patches. At least one other user has already done this; I can try to connect you if you wish.