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Bug when working with pen tablets

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In 1.1.3 I have a bug that wasn't there in 1.012. When working with my Wacom tablet or my XP-Pen screen tablet , the plugin windows inside Unify will not respond correctly to mouvement. If y try to move the window it will jump around radomly. Also right clicking directly inside Unify , the right click meny will appear radomly in different places but not where my cursor is.  ( windows 10) 

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In the past I've had this problem because I had several input devices connected at once. The cursor jumps around because it's getting conflicting information from different devices at the same time. Do you also have an optical mouse connected? Is it sitting on a confusing surface? Do you still get the problem if you disconnect all other input devices (besides your pen/tablet)?

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Thank you for reporting this. I'll put it on the to-do list, but I can't promise when I may have a fix.

I had not noticed this in my own testing, nor did any our our beta testers mention it.