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Custom Unify Settings for Launchpad Pro?

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Greets, People:

I've recently did a redux of my studio desk to finally include some "dawless" hardware. In the process, I had to sort out which devices needed to be set aside to make room that, in the end, I did not use all that much. One of those items is the Maschine Jam.

I have been enamored with the idea of using the custom Unify templates for Maschine Jam, but right now I do not have room for the Jam, or at least that will become more unlikely when I get my 88-key controller in the coming months.

To that end, I'm inquiring if there's anything similar to that cool Unify template for Maschine Jam that's been made for the Launchpad Pro via Components, or something of the sort. The LP is becoming one of centerpieces of my desktop setup, and is versatile enough, that I am hoping that someone has taken the time to perhaps create a custom Component or two to use it with Unify.


Thanks for reading; look forward to your replies.