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Forum Unresponsive?

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Anyone else have frequent problems with the PluginGuru forum not responding? For me it seems like it works OK for a while but frequently gets in a mode where clicking on any link just hangs. Sometimes, if you leave it waiting long enough, the requested page will eventually load. Other times it will eventually time out. All other websites load and stream without delay, so I know it's not a connection issue on my end.


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It's been fine for me karlfranz, I usually pop on here maybe a couple of times a day.

It does sometimes forget that I have read posts so when I select "Unread Posts" I get lots of aged posts but I think that may be related to it logging me out occassionally and me (talking about aged!) not realising that I am not signed in.

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The Forum software we use is far from perfect, but it's what we have. I get the "old posts showing up again as unread" from time to time, and there's even a forum for users of the forum software (!) where people complain of this all the time.

Web sites do go down for maintenance periodically, usually in the middle of the night, but the Internet is global, so the mid-night in one country is mid-day in another. There are also occasional connection issues, where people in a certain region are unable to use a site, even though the site is working for others.

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Been fine for me. 🙂