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Graphics issues causing many VST3 plugins to be unusable on PC in Unify 1.5

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I am currently experiencing show-stopping graphics issues with many VST3 plugins on my Windows 10 PC. In many cases, the VST3 plugin window opens with the Unify GUI graphics shifted up and to the left almost completely obscuring the window's title bar.

VST3 Shifted up and to the left

The GUI graphic elements also do not respond properly or in some cases not at all. In other cases, the VST3 plugin opens with the GUI contents being transparent and showing a second title bar titled HWNDComponentWithParent.


Still in other cases (eg. Cherry Audio plugins), the VST3 plugin window opens normally, but any attempts to resize the window result in the window graphics becoming shifted up and to the left as previously mentioned.

These issues began with the most recent Unify release (1.5.0) in both VSTI and standalone. I realize that I am a bit late reporting this. In every case, replacing the plugin with the VST2 version resolves the issue.


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We'll be issuing an update very soon to resolve this. Thanks for your patience and detailed reporting.