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How Can I: Switching Between Instrument Layers Using MIDI CC 67 (i.e. SOFT PEDAL)

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I had an interesting question posted on my most recent video featuring Audio Brewer's PIANOFORTE.
Along with the regular piano layers, they also include a real UNA CORDA (Soft Pedal) instrument.

My question is, would there be a way to have both instruments loaded into TWO separate instances of Kontakt in Two separate Instrument layers and use the Soft Pedal CC 67 to switch to the Una Corda layer?

One of the other considerations is to actually have BOTH layers playing at the same time so when you lift the soft pedal you would hear the other layer switch in. This also would hold some interesting potential using other instrument types as well.

So, what do you think???


So just typing this out I thought about trying this.
Using one of the MACRO knobs I assigned MIDI CC67 to it. 
I then created a LINKED PARAMETER for the MIX LEVEL of LAyer 1 and did the same for LAYER 2

When the pedal is NOT ACTIVE, LAYER 1 is at full volume while Layer 2 is also active but the volume is at 0.
When the pedal is PRESSED, The level of Layer 2 goes to Maximum while the level of Layer 1 goes to 0.

There is some interesting crosstalk but an interesting experiment nonetheless, one that might find some other possible creative solutions.

Thanks for allowing me to share. Sometimes thinking and visualizing a problem helps trigger possible solutions.


All the best,


Simeon Amburgey

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I'm using Macros and Polybox to change layers.


There is a Knob function in npolybox - that's really useful.


( Shane helped me with this method )


The tricky part is making sure that your layers are pointing to the polybox input


And also that the macro links to Polybox


I'm using cc-63 in the attached png

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