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How to Learn Unify From The Beginning - Videos and Resource Requests

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Greets Folks:

I bought Unify long time ago, when it was first released. But I never had the time to dive in and learn to use it.


But now, I'm a bit lost as to how to go forward, simply because so many features have been added to Unify since its release, that it's easy for me to find older "getting started" videos, but miss out on those added features.


Are there current beginner videos on getting started with Unify? It would also be good to be pointed to intermediate videos, as well as those with  current features to be aware of. I'm open to other resources as well. I am open also to any "getting started" info via the online manual, though it would be helpful to know how up-to-date it is so as to keep up with new and improved features.


Thanks for the help!

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It certainly is a challenge to keep learning resources updated for a program like Unify, which has undergone so many changes.

However, since most of the changes have been additions, just about everything in the existing YouTube playlist still applies. Things might look slightly different on the screen, but almost everything still works as described.

For details about what has changed with each release, check the official Change Log, and make sure to scroll to the bottom and click the "older change long entries" link (on every page, back to the beginning).

I try to keep the Unify manual completely up to date. At the top of the start page, there's a "Click here for what has changed" link which takes you to a page summarizing what changed in the latest version. Each of these pages also has a "Click here for what was new in the previous version" link, so you can work backwards if you like.