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Installation of version 1.1.2

Larry Ludwick
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So for installation if you have the older version installed, do we run the install 1.1.2 and then load the 1.1 standard file? I assume all our user created patches will still be present after the install?

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YES, this is very important:

  • The v1.1 content (.guru file) is an important part of this update. It contains updated Preset files of many kinds, including the standard plug-in subsets updated for e.g. Dragonfly reverbs.
  • If you have the content file as a .zip, unzip it first, then drag/drop into Unify (or use the "Select .guru file" button in Settings).
  • The patch database should rebuild automatically. (Click lightning-bolt icon if it does not.)
  • It is not necessary to re-scan your plug-ins; the Known Plugins database is retained.
  • Your User Library will not be affected.