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Is there a way to test Unity saving state without buying

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Hello, I wanted to know if the VST version of Unify would allow me to bypass a bug I have with some plugins on FL Studio.

Currently it FL Studio has some issue saving the sate of some VST/VST3 plugins, like Output Movement.

However these plugin work fine in Ableton Live. I wanted to test if saving state in Unify would work fine with FL Studio,
if this works I could use Unify inside FL Studio to make my instrument racks (like Patcher but with the option to move my patches to Live) and also bypass the bugs in FL Studio, could you check this? I don't want to buy Unify just to know the plugins states are not being saved in FL Studio.


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I can't test this for you, because I only have the demo version of FL Studio 20 myself, but we have quite a few FL Studio users, and no one has ever complained that it can't save Unify's state.

Note that Unify only works properly in FL Studio if you set the "use fixed-size buffers" flag. Regardless of Image-Line's scolding, this is critical to efficient operation for Unify.