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Jitter Box and negative random values (hack and question)

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This post is both a hack and a question!

I am guessing that Jitterbox only adds positive time to random timings, since it can't push values before they are played!! A work around I thought of is to use a negative track delay in my DAW, say I use -50ms on the track, then any random value less than 50ms in Jitterbox will be a negative value.

Any other ideas people use?

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You are correct: JitterBox can only delay note-events; it can't advance them. In a DAW, however, you can use various methods to effectively apply a negative delay to a track, and then any JitterBox-applied delay less than that amount is effectively negative.

Note that MIDIBox's "lead/lag" slider does allows negative delay values ("lead"), and this may be useful when working with MIDI loops.

And of course, when playing MIDI live into a track, there is always the old-school option of letting some notes lead the beat.

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