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Loading Wav Drum file in Unify

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Hi, I'm using Kontakt to load wav drum files that sync with tempo. I was wondering if I can do the same thing with another plugin in Unify because Kontakt takes 1 second or so to load and I'm looking for something faster (live purpose).

Thanks for help

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I'm sure there are third-party sample-playback plug-ins that load faster than Kontakt, but before going down that route, make sure that you have Unify configured to re-use Kontakt instances; see

If you have Kontakt listed in the ReuseAcceptRules.xml file (it should be there by default), then you should only experience the start-up delay the first time you load a patch that uses Kontakt, after having used a patch that contains no instances of Kontakt. For your live set, you might even want to set up your non-Kontakt patches with a "dummy" muted Kontakt layer, to make sure that the Kontakt DLL remains loaded in memory.

If this doesn't solve your problem well enough, have a look at John's recent YouTube video on importing your own samples into Guru Sampler:

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