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Logic 10.5 and Unify

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I'm rarely an early adopter with anything.  Usually, with anything Apple OS oriented, I wait to see what compatibility issues arise before I jump in.   I'm still on Mojave for that reason so I felt reasonably safe doing the Logic upgrade.  Turns out there are some issues with 3rd party AU plugins in Logic 10.5.  Phasis and Replika XT from Native Instruments are examples affecting my system.  I'm not good enough at this kind of thing to share patches in Unify so I made the decision to only scan my AU plugins.  So now I'm wondering if scanning the VST plugin versions of problematic plugins will allow me to using those plugins at least within Unify.  Thoughts?  

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Try it. NI mentioned the glitches (better: breakdown of Logic) in a note to the customers, but if you like to use it just give it a try.

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Yes, try it. You might have better luck with VST plug-ins inside Unify.