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Loudmax 1.45 VST3 missing

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Hello everyone. 

I downloaded the full Unify 1.11.3 installer to get LoudMax 1.45 VST3, as Thomas Mundt's blog refers to Pluginguru to have the 1.45 VST3 version for Mac.

Unfortunately in Unify I only found version 1.41 VST (not VST3).

Is it possible to know if / when the new version will be inserted, and if there will be VST3?

Thanks in advance 

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Thomas Mundt's main page includes a link to LoudMax for Mac "published by PlugInGuru". Unfortunately, that link is broken for the moment. In the meantime, you can download using this link:

This download includes signed/notarized Audio Unit, VST2, and VST3 versions of LoudMax v1.45 for Mac, which you can use with any DAW.

I'm not aware of anywhere on Thomas's blog where he says that LoudMax v1.45 is included with Unify. If so, please let me know where you found this on his site, so I can advise him that it is incorrect.

Unify includes a small set of "bundled" plug-ins, which it installs into a special folder (/Applications/PlugInGuru/Unify/VST on Mac). Currently this includes the v1.41 version of the LoudMax VST. Should you wish to update this to v1.45 yourself (there is no reason to do so), you can copy the LoudMax.vst from the v1.45 download into this special folder. Unify's Known Plug-Ins list will continue to show the version number as v1.41, but this is purely cosmetic; it will use whatever version is in that folder.