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Metaknob question

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Can a macro knob be set up to control other macro knobs? I'd like to have One Knob To Rule Them (with assignable curves to knobs the master is controlling). <Insert emoji of having your cake and eating it, too><ooh, plus ice cream> 

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Short answer: no.

Slightly longer answer: This is technically possible, but would have to be coded carefully to avoid loops (A controls B, which controls A...)

Much longer, party-pooper answer:

  • There is nothing you could do this way, that you couldn't do simply by putting all the parameters you want to control at once, onto a single knob.
  • Would it help if I added copy/paste functions for linked parameters?
  • If you're a true masochist, you can save a group of linked parameter settings as a "Macro Definitions preset", edit the resulting .xml file in a text editor to move or copy all the <link> sections into a single <MacroParameter> section, and then re-load the preset.

Slightly shorter, more charitable answer:

  • Adding such a feature would be a lot of work. Can you give an example of how you'd use it, that might convince me that others might want it?

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I hadn't thought about the recursion issue. No is a perfectly acceptable answer.

I've been using some of Airwave's new patches and found myself struggling a bit to use the keyboard and multiple sliders at the same time. I've been going between using my Korg M3 as a controller when I'm at my desk and a microKey/nanoKontrol2 on the laptop away from desk. It just occurs to me that part of this may be addressed by the upcoming MIDI file player. Particularly if I could also record MIDI to a file for replay.

I'm a patches inspire the melody guy rather than melody first then find patches to fit. I'm an amateur, not a pro. I usually don't start up my DAW before playing. This is one of the things I love about Unify. It's lightweight enough (and no f#*!%^@ dongle) so that it is quick to get to music making.

So the flow is:  find a patch I like -> melody -> desire to tweak.

The way I want to use macros is analogous to John's effects rack presets in his Omnisphere libraries. You mention a "Macro Definitions preset". OK, I just saw the operations bulls-eye for the macro knobs. Another of looking at this is that I want a macro "motion" record/play. Maybe the answer is using automation in the DAW (Cubase on a PC in my case). Maybe I need to find a DAW that better suites my workflow.

I am enough of a wingnut to try editing the XML for the macro definitions but I think that will ultimately be too frustrating unless I can get a handle on the curvature parameter. I'll give that a go and get back to you.

If nothing else, this has been a helpful exercise to make me think about my workflow rather than just be in the moment. Thx!