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MIDI Box - Loop/Key and 1 Shot / Key Modes Could "hold" For 10-15 More Milliseconds To Prevent Unwanted Loop Restart

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There's Apparently not this feature within MIDI BOX (in Loop/Key & 1 Shot/Key modes) Per Se, But... It seems that if one, for example, has set MIDI Box on Key Transpose in order to play a drum groove while every now and again adding a fill (by playing the midi transposed so as to hit different samples - one's drum fill IOW - sorry for the long example) it seems that its not designed as monophonic Note Held (putting notes in a "bucket" and reverting to the most recent played note that is still held - so that if one is holding down one's starting note, e.g. C3, and then play F3, while still holding down C3, then MIDI Box will assume its supposed to continue playing the most recent note that was played (and possibly released), even though one is holding one's original note. That is NOT what its doing apparently.  It could have that optional setting and I suppose I wouldn't mind that feature. It would mean working in a similar fashion to monophonic MIDI, where it could (I suppose) be programmed to revert to one's most recent note, which could be the note one is still holding, while continuing to have its internal MIDI BOX playhead move forward until it loops back and continues forward again. 

But though its not yet (I think) able to do that feature I have another more basic request that I don't think necessarily would be hard to add (little do I know!!!). 

(Sorry, again hopefully whoever is reading this is patient).  The way it currently seems to operate it apparently requires (given my example above of wanting to introduce a momentary drum fill while keeping the playhead running and preventing it from stopping) the keyboardist to have sort of a legato approach, so that if the person wants to go back to the first key, they should continue to hold the key they're coming from, while depressing the new key (this prevents the loop from restarting).  There is a tiny amount of time leeway currently (More often than not I was able to make it continue playing, especially if the drum fill note was near where one of my currently held notes happened to be), but no way to increase it.  For pro keyboardists who have dexterity in all fingers of both hands, crossing a span of many keys isn't a problem. But for some of us the number of milliseconds passes and there is an unintentional loop restart. If one could set that leeway amount (maybe I'll call it a time gap hold amount) this would no longer be an issue.  MIDI Box would wait the specified amount, and would continue (for 30 or 50 milliseconds of gap) to play the most recent note (allowing one-finger players to jump 20 keys up or down without unwittingly causing the loop to restart). And of course musicians that really want the playback to abruptly stop can set the time gap hold amount to a very short setting (5 ms). Whereas musicians who have trouble can set the amount to maybe as much as a 10 hours (just kidding :D) 

I tried testing MIDI Box using different Unify Transport Trigger Settings (in the Unify vst) and this didn't appear to change the observed behavior.  I still haven't read the entire manual so if I'm off base I apologize.

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Your description isn't easy to follow, but I think what you're saying is that you'd like a way to trigger MIDIBox to switch to a different pattern (fill) while it's playing a first pattern (groove), such that it will switch back automatically at the right time. I can think of ways to do that, but abusing the sequence-transpose function is not one of them. It would be better to use a multi-track MIDI file and switch among the tracks on e.g. measure boundaries. I'll give some thought to how we might do that.

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