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midi file location for Unify

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Hi,   I have a huge number of drum midi files that I would like to attempt to use with Unify.  Most of these were purchased from Groove Monkey, but I have three other libraries as well.  What is the best way to organize these so MidiBox can use them?

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Hey @TKBoomer

I am attaching some info from our Unify Manual for more insight on how MIDI Box works

Also here is some explanation on where and how to access MIDI files via MIDIbox

"Just below the loop-position indicator, there is a library selector (pop-up menu) on the left, and a “file-load button” on the right.

  • The library selector allows you to choose among the available patch libraries, to facilitate choosing MIDI files from that library's MIDI Filessub-folder. If you leave it set at “no library”, you can choose files from the MIDI Files folder under the main Unify data folder, or anywhere else on your computer.
    • NOTE Unify expects MIDI Files folders to be called “MIDI Files”—exactly that, no variation.
  • The file-load button starts out marked “Click to load MIDI file…”. Once a file has been loaded, the button text will change to the name of the file. If the file cannot be loaded, the file name will appear in red, and clicking the button will display a pop-up alert box explaining why not; the button will then revert to its original “Click to load” state after you dismiss the alert.

After you have loaded a MIDI file, you can drag a copy of the MIDI sequence to your DAW using the file-load button. Just click the button and drag to your DAW. Most DAWs will respond by adding the MIDI data to an existing track or to a newly-created track."


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