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MIDI out?

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I am testing Unify in Nuendo.

I have a Unify instance with one MIDI effect inserted into a MIDI FX layer.

The Sine Wave Synth is receiving the signal FX properly.

I have the MIDI output of the Unify instance selected as in input to my destination instrument track in Nuendo.

I am not getting any MIDI signal input to instrument track (MIDI monitor on that track is reading blank).

Is there a setting or routing I am missing in Unify? 

I have searched the Unify manual for "MIDI output" and I don't see an answer there.

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Unify does not send MIDI out.

If you need a plug-in chaining tool for MIDI effects, consider Element by Kushview. Developer Michael Fisher charges just $5 to download this free/open-source program, just to cover his file-hosting costs. It's basically a souped-up version of our built-in ComboBox and can be used directly in your DAW as well as in Unify if you wish.

Unify users have also reported usable results with Blue Cat's Connector, which allows very flexible audio/MIDI connections.

A deluxe version of Unify with MIDI-out and many other features is on our roadmap, but this is still some time away.

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@getdunne Thanks, I was just searching for this.

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@tripleb Blue Cat Connector works flawlessly at sending MIDI out from Unify and into your DAW.

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@jason_za Thanks, I was gong to try Element first, I have that already installed, just never used it LOL. If it's wonky, I'll try Blue Cat.