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Minor bug with Categories/Tags filter behavior when changing libraries

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Apologies if this has been discussed before.


v. 1.8.0

This issue was introduced when the (welcome) feature to dynamically display only Categories/Tags pertinent to the currently available presets was added.

Example of how to reproduce

  1. Expand the Categories List
  2. Select a library from the Library dropdown list that will cause the Categories list to display only a small handful of categories.
  3. Select the third item down from the top of the Categories list
  4. Select the "All Libraries" item in the Library dropdown list.
  5. The Categories list will re-expand to show all available categories.
  6. The selected category is still the third from the top of the list but, because the list now has more items, the selected category will differ from the one chosen in Step 3.


Presets displayed may have different search criteria after selecting a new library set. For example, you could have chosen to search only for Brass  presets, but after changing Libraries, the preset list may be displaying only Bass presets instead. 

Note that the same behavior occurs with the Tags list.


Proposed solution

Use selected item's text rather than its index to re-select items whenever the Categories/Tags list is updated. If the selected text is no longer available when the chosen library changes, remove that selection from the search criteria.



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Sharp-eyed as ever! Thanks for the report, and especially the detailed steps to reproduce.

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