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New CC Map plugin is not present

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New CC Map plugin is not present after update.. Also the question, does this thing allow to map Program Change also?

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I thought John showed it in one of his videos under "Add Unify Standard->Utility".  But I did not find it there.  I went into PlugIn Subsets->MIDI Effects.  Found it listed in the middle list and added it to "Favorite Midi Effects" and "ALL My MIDI Effects".  Now I can choose it from those.  But it's still not in "Add Unify Standard->Utility" or from the upper "+Layer->Add Midi Effects"

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The "Unify Standard" pop-up menus are defined by XML files in the folder Presets/Plugin Subsets/Unify Standard under the main Unify data folder. Everything under the main data folder is usually updated using a .guru file, not by the program installer, so for this beta, it doesn't get updated unless you do it manually.

Attached is a zipped version of my Presets/Plugin Subsets/Unify Standard folder. If you're curious, you'll find the entry for CCMate in the MIDI Effects.xml file. Otherwise, just replace all three xml files with the contents of this zip archive.