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New Computer--fresh install question

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Hi:  I just got a new PC and am trying to install Unify (and my previously purchased pluginguru Unify libraries).  I still have kept the same target content location on the computer (the same sample ssd drive).  I was able to install Unify 1.9 from scratch.  I pointed it to the content location on the sample drive, and while it showed the libraries in the drop down menu, it would not load the content of anything but the standard Unify content.  Is there a way of getting Unify to recognize the previously installed content of the unify libraries on the Sample drive?  Or do I need to reinstall each library again?  

Again, I still have the content libraries on the target hard-drive, but have installed Unify fresh install on the C drive of the new computer. 

Thanks for any advice

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The problem is that each library's license-activation is computer-specific, so it should be sufficient to re-activate each library on your new machine. For this, you'll need some special files (which trigger Unify to present the license-activation dialog), and you'll also need the license keys you were issued for each library.

Send a list of the libraries you need to reactivate to, and John or Taylor will send you what you need.