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How do you use midi plugs in Unify ?, plugs like EZkeys, scaler 2, etc are registred as

synths. Can you just add this in the midi layer in order to use the midifunctionality,

or do you route the mide between synth layers ?

My guess is that you add a empty midilayer and the assign them.

But as I understand it the correct way would be to assign them as midi effects, or ??


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You can put MIDI effects onto individual INST layers. The only reason to set up a separate MIDI layer is if you want one chain of MIDI effects to output to more than one INST layer.

See this page in the Unify manual:

If you prefer videos, here's the full playlist:

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Hi Ini55 - I will be making a MIDI Effect video soon because things are not 100% clear. You asked earlier about how to get your MIDI effects to show up in the MIDI Effect list, did you get that working? We used to only have MIDI effects as a separate effect (the yellow MIDI Effect 1/2 boxes) however we realized it would be more convenient in many cases to have a MIDI Effect INSIDE a layer. The big difference being like Shane said, if it is a separate MIDI Effect then on the far Left where it says "IN" you can click that to change WHAT that Layer is listening to - this way you could set up 4 layers all to listen to the same MIDI effect which is very powerful and unique. The little yellow Circle with the + to the Left of the Instrument selector in Unify - if you click that you get the same MIDI Effect pop-up to choose a MIDI Effect, but it is only going to work with whatever instrument is in that Layer. I would suggest spending a little time going thru the "BPM" patches I made for the factory patches. There are a TON of different examples of how you can use the MIDI Effects that come with Unify. Simply change out the BlueARP with your own MIDI effect if you want to try something you own.


It won't be this week because we're working to release a major update for Unify but it's high on the list of videos I need to make to explain how this part of Unify works....

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Tx for the answer. If you have a look here yuo can see what I am aiming for.

ReMidi into Scaler 2 into The Orchestra Complete 2 - YouTube

I  have this plugins and have expanded on this setup in my DAW.  Since a very nice user already had  unified TCO and unify is very live oriented, I

thought it would be a good idea to see if I could accomplish the same in UNIFY.

So midifile from midibox to tigger remedy and scaler 2 in an instant layer ?, I am a little confused.

Also,as seen in the video, he manipulates the plugins in realtime with some amazing results.