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O2 window close box X is disappearing

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I sent this to Spectrasonics too.

I'm having an issue with Omnisphere where the top bar is disappearing which makes it impossible to close the Instrument window. So I have to change the size of O2 at which time the X box reappears so I can close it.  I'm running this on a 2016 MBP Intel running Monterey. I'm running it inside Pluginguru's UNIFY. This doesn't happen in the PC version. I'm also submitting this to John and Shane too. Just in case something in UNIFY is causing this. This has happened several times in the last few months but I've been too busy to think about it. I just had one layer with O2 on it, opened the instrument and couldn't close it without changing the instrument size.
PS. Was in the middle of creating a patch and while looking for the sound I needed 02 crashed and made me lose my patch! Argh! Why do I put off saving the patch???
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Thank you for the detailed report. As far as I know this is a Spectrasonics issue, and it only happens the first time the plug-in window is opened.

You may find it useful to click the "bullet" icon at the very bottom center in Unify and choose "close all plugin windows".