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Patch selection in older VST instruments

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Among the many and various older plugins on my machine, I have Novation Bass Station and V-station, which still sound good.  If I load these in my DAW (cakewalk) there is a way to open the preset lists, which is a lot easier than just scrolling through with +/- buttons on the interface.  But in Unify I do not get this option, and cannot see how to choose presets, other than incrementally.  Bass station I think has only 128, so not too bad, but tedious.  V-station has more, and that is not really practical to operate with.  I think this is related to VST preset saving/opening, and I realise I have never really understood if this is implemented in Unify.  Any thoughts welcome!

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These older VSTs implement a system called a "program bank" ("program" is an old word for "preset"), which has fallen out of favor for newer plug-ins that typically come with hundreds or thousands of presets included.

Unify is able to detect most plug-ins that work this way, and provides additional options on the "ops menu", including a sub-menu of presets in the current bank: From the Unify manual (click link to get to the page):

For (mostly older) VST plug-ins which support “program banks”, the ops menu will contain a number of additional items:

  • On the ops menu itself:
    • A Change Program sub-menu provides direct access to all of the presets (“programs”) in the current bank, listed by name. Select any preset to load it into the plug-in.
  • On the Operations sub-menu:
    • Load FXB Bank… allows you to select a .fxb file containing a bank of presets for this plug-in
    • Load FXP Preset… allows you to select and load a single preset from a .fxp file