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Please help re getting Unify and TouchOSC to talk

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I’ve managed to get TouchOSC to talk with the Protokol app, but I’m a bit confused when trying to get Unify (standalone) to talk with Touch OSC. I’m sure it’s all about the settings… am I supposed to use the MiDI mode or the OSC mode? Should I use the bridge? It might really help if someone would share their settings…? Also I have a vpn and a firewall. The vpn seems to interfere with the midi (bridged) so I disabled it and it seems to improve things for Protokol. Anyway, if there’s any kind soul out there who can help, thank you.

kindest regards Alex

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To use TouchOSC with the Unify app, you have two choices.

  1. If you only want to use TouchOSC to send MIDI messages to Unify, you can use TouchOSC Bridge, which appears as just another MIDI source device to Unify, and can be selected in its Audio/MIDI Settings. (If "MIDI Device Polling" is checked, you shouldn't have to do anything else; Unify should automatically detect TouchOSC Bridge and connect to its MIDI data stream.)
  2. If you want to use TouchOSC to send OSC messages (which you most probably do, in order to make best use of its features), you need to ensure that Unify is listening on the same IP address and Port Number that TouchOSC is sending on.
    • The easiest approach is to leave Unify's default settings alone. Then Unify will listen on all available IP addresses, on port number 9001. You will need to configure TouchOSC to send to an appropriate IP address (see below), to port number 9001.
    • If you really want to change Unify's OSC settings, you'll find them on the Settings page. Un-check the "enable" box to change the other settings, make whatever changes you need, re-check the "enable" box, and quit and restart Unify.

The trickiest thing about OSC or any kind of networking is getting the IP address right. If TouchOSC and Unify are running on the same computer, you can use the "loopback address" However, you are most likely running the TouchOSC app on a separate computer such as an iPad. In that case, you need to determine which IP address your computer (the one running Unify) is using.

  • On Windows, use Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter Settings. Right-click the icon for your active internet adapter device, choose "Status", then click "Details". The IP address you want is listed beside "IPv4 address".
  • On the Mac, open System Preferences, choose Network, select the active internet adapter device from the list at the left, and look on the right where it says "IP Address".

If the above is not sufficient to get things working for you, I strongly suggest you seek advice from someone locally, who is familiar with TCP/IP networking. Unfortunately, there are so many possible variations that using someone else's settings probably won't work.