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Scanning for new AU restarts at 8% automatically scanning 0–8% in endless repeat cycle

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Since I updated to V.10.1 scanning for new AU is kind of buggy. Scanning for VST/VST3 works fine. But AU-Scan goes on endless repeat from 0%–8%. I tried to find out if it's a certain .coponent, which causes that problem. But so far taking out AU's, where it seemed to go back to 0% at, didn't work out so far. Is anyone else having that problem? 

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Thanks for bringing this issue to the forum.

The first thing I want to check is whether or not the plug-in scanner is truly going into an "endless loop". Each time it runs into a problem plug-in, it will quit and start again from the beginning, BUT you should notice that the plug-in names zip by really quickly at first, because it should not attempt to re-scan any plug-ins it already scanned (even including plug-ins it failed on). If you just let it run, does it eventually get past the 8% point? If so, let it run to the end.

How long have you been allowing the scan to run before giving up?