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"spikes"(crackles) in the sound (aftertouch)

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Hi Shane,

I noticed some strange thing from, well many patches. everytime a note is hit, and releases it fast (aftertouch) there is a "spike"(crackles) in the sound. Some patches dont, but many has this behaviour? please see video

Regards Lars

Just found out it has to do with Serum patches inside Unify. There are no problem with the standard library or other vst as i can hear. Try load Serum outside Unify with the patch "BA Ampology", no problem.
But inside unify, there is a cutoff in the sound tail, it's cutting the sound to fast(missing the envelope tail)
It goes for vst2, vst3 and standalone of Unify




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This problem occurs because Unify's Transport is usually set to start on any MIDI note-on, and stop when all MIDI notes have been released, and Serum, by default, cuts off sounding notes when the host transport stops.

Simple fix: In Serum, click Global. Under "Preferences", click the box labeled "Silence note + effect tails when host transport stops" to switch it off, and make sure to click the little disk icon next to "Preferences" to save the updated preferences.