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Steinberg to discontinue VST2 support

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The discontinuation of VST 2 marks the final step in the transition process to VST 3. Focusing solely on VST 3 will increase the stability of our products and allow us to fully leverage the advantages of the VST 3 platform.

As it stands, Steinberg hosts continue to offer VST 2 compatibility. But as Apple has transitioned its Mac line to Apple silicon, those Mac users will still be able to use their VST 2 plug-ins under Rosetta 2.

Moreover, within the next 24 months, Steinberg’s host applications and plug-ins across macOS and Windows will offer VST 3 compatibility only.

To ensure that you are prepared for these eventualities, we recommend to check if any third-party VST 2 plug-ins are in use and, if so, to contact the corresponding plug-in developers for details on supporting VST 3.



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Unify will gain more value over time, as a bridging tool to allow use of VST2.x plug-ins in hosts that don't support them.

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