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Stock Unify Patches that don't work as expected

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Hello Forum members and visitors,


Some people reported some standard library patches didn’t work or sound as expected.

A lot of issues sorted out when I re-downloaded and re-installed (drag/dropped) the Unify Standard file.

Following issues remained, though after rebuilding the patch database on Mac 10.14.4 with current Unify Mac 1.0.3.

I'll keep you posted here in this post about updates.


Update 2: Monday, 13th CET 12:25 pm

It seems to me that following waveforms sound the same:

Unify Standard Library -> Basic Waveforms -> OSC-MAX - BELLISH 2

Unify Standard Library -> Basic Waveforms -> OSC-MAX - Organish 1


Update: Have you seen the text you can apply to each patch when you save it? It shows up in the header part of Unify!

I overlooked it and here is what you would read for all muted Nato Feels patches:

Layer 2 Sub SINE is Muted by default. UnMute to make it even PHATTER!

BASS - Nato 808 1 Crispy, BASS - Nato 808 1 Crispy Lp, BASS - Nato 808 2 Hollow, BASS - Nato 808 2 Hollow Lp,

BASS - Nato 808 3 Fried, BASS - Nato 808 3 Fried Lp, BASS - Nato 808 4 Wasted, BASS - Nato 808 4 Wasted Lp,

BASS - Nato Aggression, BASS - Nato BWamm, BASS - Nato DEEP House, BASS - Nato Reese 2, BASS - Nato Superhero, 

I think this was intended for the Airwave patches, too.

HIT - Airwave Chord Hit 1 (sus2), HIT - Airwave Chord Hit 2 (maj7/9)

HIT - Airwave Chord Hit 3 (no3 5/7), HIT - Airwave Chord Hit 4 (min7)

HIT - Airwave Chord Stab 1 HIT - Airwave Chord Stab 2 HIT - Airwave Chord Stab 3


Instrument Layer; No waveform selected

BPM SPLIT - Baxing Ferlin

Inst 1: Perc -> Basic Waveforms -> no waveform selected

Inst 2: Kick -> Basic Waveforms -> no waveform selected


BPM SPLIT - Tel Aviv Progressive

Inst 2: Sine Bass -> no waveform selected


KEY - Cinema Sojourn (C DRONE)

Inst 1:  Keyboard -> no waveform selected


KEY - Steinway Symphony

Inst 4: Megamagic Cello -> no waveform selected


KEY - Sunday Organ

INST 2: Octave -> Basic Waveform -> No waveform selected


LEAD - Expressions

Inst 1: MaxWell Modular Square Lead -> No waveform selected


MIDI Filter affected patches:

BPM PAD - Chord Dance 3 -> INST 3: Steel Martin MM2

Blue Arp Program 26 does not trigger Inst 3 patch Velocity 48-61 that may be the cause.


Do you have issues regarding Unify Standard patches?

Greetings and God bless, Marius

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Nice job on the list.  I didn't notice all of that but since the Drone feature was really important to me, I also noticed the issue with 'Key - Cinema Sojourn (C Drone)'.  The Drone is not set.  I ended up fiddling around with different Guru Sampler pads.

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Thank you for the feedback. All of the stock patches should be working as intended, but perhaps things got messed up along the way. Beta testers who had an earlier version of the library should delete the library entirely and install the latest. If you have a mix of old and new patches that could result in some unexpected behavior.

We won't be able to get to analyzing this list until the week after next (after the NAMM show).

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Hello @getdunne!

Shane, I overlooked the patch description in the patch header (Natos patches were muted by default) and I think, Laurent wanted to show the opportunity to make his Airwave patches fatter as well.


I hope you get rest in the night while I am writing this in the morning from Germany.

I wish you and John all the best for NAMM.


Greetings and God bless, Marius

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Marius - the BPM Patches where you don't hear anything is because the sound is being routed to an AUX bus.

Cinema Sojourn - it's possible that the Guru Sampler preset "HR Intimate Grand MM D#4" is not included with your build. We will be making sure that the data is perfect with the update we're working on!

As to sounds like Sunday Organ - the DSP Square doesn't play correctly. Again, the build coming soon will fix.


Thank you for all of your investigative research!

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Patch: BASS SPLIT -Cinematic Enchantment

Inst 4, no wave selected in instrument.

Patch does not match the description eg no midi-layers, see attached picture. 

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