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Those little Bypass and Solo buttons

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Anyone else find it difficult to determine when Bypass is On or Off?

I have no problem determining the state of the Mute and Solo buttons; they are nice and bright when selected. But for some reason, that little Bypass "B" always confuses me. I'm a little color blind so it looks grey to me by default, but when it's selected it turns black. It always strikes me as being reversed so I have to think about it each time to determine whether it's bypassed or not. Maybe a different pair of colors to tell when something is bypassed or not? Or maybe a little speaker icon that gets a slash when bypass is selected? Probably just me. 🙂

And while I'm at it, I've always felt the Solo buttons behave reversed as well. I imagine solo being an exclusive function (as the name implies). Clicking one layer's Solo button should un-Solo (Han Solo?) the others unless a modifier key (shift or option?) is held down. Instead, Solo only works in "solo" mode if you control-click on a button.

Apologies if this is all rather petty.

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That's typical "Solo" button behavior, as long as I have ever used it in any DAW type app. When multiple tracks are playing, the first "Solo" activation makes it the only active track, and each one adds to the Solo'd track, not replaces it as the only solo'd track.

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The solo buttons are indeed very standard behaviour in the DAWs that I've used. Just like it is on a hardware mixer, where the UI metaphor is coming from.

But the little Bypass buttons always get me a confused, too. -- Probably because they have a different default colour background (black) than all the other buttons, which are dark green when they're off. With their black background, I always think it's the alternative colour - i.e. meaning the button is on. And the grey background when the button is pushed is really similar to my eyes to the dark green of the other buttons (when they are off).


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