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What is Unify?

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What's UNIFY to be precise?

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Thank you for asking. Unify is a tool for creating and playing composite sounds using multiple plug-ins together. It runs as a stand-alone app, so you can use it to play live or just improvise, and it also runs as a plug-in inside another host, e.g. a DAW like Logic Pro, Cubase, Ableton Live, etc. If you create a nice layered or split combination sound while just noodling around in the app, you can quickly save it as a preset, then open your DAW and call up exactly the same sound to use in a new track.

Unify is also a software instrument. Even if you don't create your own sounds, you can use it to enjoy all the sounds that come with it (650+ patches, over 2 GB of samples), and many other add-on sound libraries available from PlugInGuru and elsewhere.

Finally, Unify is a tool for using MIDI-effects (plug-ins that generate or modify MIDI streams) in any DAW. Most DAWs have very poor support for MIDI effects. Unify can be loaded as an instrument plug-in, then you can use MIDI effects inside it, and it also comes with quite a powerful set of MIDI effect plug-ins, as well as audio effects, a few synthesizers, and a very capable sampler.