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Trigger Control

Kendall W Cochran III
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Hey it's been a while since I've been on here, been a while since I've played with Unify. Had Covid and tons of other stuff to deal with.

I've been going through my patches and for some reason the trigger mode has changed on a lot of my patches. I keep having to change it

to what I had it set at and then update. Was there something changed regarding that. Just curious.

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Hey Kendall, good to see you back. I'm very sorry to hear that you have been through Covid, and I hope you're on the mend.

Thanks for the feedback about trigger mode. I think this may be a consequence of a change I made in v1.6.0, where some patches saved with earlier versions of Unify would always come up with the default BPM/trigger settings, even though valid settings had been included. Because you've been working with Unify since the beginning, you may have many patches like that. Unify v1.6.x now loads whatever "BPM data" the patch contains, whereas before it might have been ignored (when the old "save bpm data" flag, which we removed from the Save dialog, was not set).

If you re-save (update) your old patches, the BPM/trigger settings should hold correctly. Please keep an eye on this, and shout if it ever fails.