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Unify 1.2 HELP

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I just downloaded Unify 1.2 after following the exacts instructions it has been impossible to installing the library. I have done everything by the book and nothing.  I did this : Run Unify 1.2 (preferably the stand-alone app), and drag/drop the Unify Factory file onto the Unify GUI, OR if drag/drop does not work on your system, click the “gear” icon to go to Settings and click the green “Select .guru file…” button, navigate to the file in this folder, and click OK.

And always get this: Error Unpacking file
An error occurred while unpacking Libraries : "Permission Denied".
 The .guru file may be corrupted, please redownload and retry.

Does anybody knows where do I have to put the library? I have already try in Documents, default place (users/shared/pluginguru/) and nothing.

Am I doing something wrong?

It would be nice somebody to explain it step by step.


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have you tried to download again, just in case the download to your computer got corrupted?

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I'm sorry to hear you're having this trouble. The process should be very simple, but there are rare cases where it fails.

The "permission denied" error message means that Unify is trying to unpack the files into a folder where it does not have write-permission. This can happen if you set Unify's main data folder to point to e.g. the root of a drive like "C:\" or "D:\".

What path do you currently have set for the main folder? It's displayed in the middle of the Settings view, to the right of the "Open..." button.