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Unify as a plugin – cracking noises when loading Unify (VST) GUI on win10

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Hi, the problem occurs when the Unify works as a plugin within the Host application on my Win10 system (tested with Studio One, NI Maschine and Unify standalone itself):

  1. Start the Unify standalone application
  2. Load the Unify plugin into the first slot (Unify inside the Unify)
  3. Close the plugin window
  4. Press and hold any key on your midi keyboard, so you can hear the Sine Wave Synth tone
  5. While holding the key and playing a note try to double click on the plugin slot to reveal the Unify VST GUI – at this moment (when the GUI is loading and the note is playing at the same time) there is a crackling noise and the Unify transport indicator freezes for a fraction of a second. The same happens when I’m playing back a MIDI sequence (no note being pressed on the MIDI keyboard – just the MIDI events in my DAW tracks).

I also noticed that sometimes the Unify transport ignores the “MIDI Start/Stop” trigger and keeps running even if I stop the playback in my host application (I tried to switch the trigger mode to “Manual Start/Stop” mode and then press stop, but no luck – it can follow the host song position during the playback but doesn’t stop when it should.

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Thanks @robert-p, we've been aware of a crackling issue when opening the GUI, but I haven't been able to reproduce it yet. This may be a very important clue!